Depending on the price of the houses, you are planning to build their own house. This can work very well, but you must know how much the rabbit builds from home.

A common threshold for self-construction is £ 2,000 per £ 2 per £ 2 per £. As you can see, it’s very different at the highest price. The location makes the difference – building a house in London and in the south is more expensive. But separately, there are things that affect the price.

Parcel valuation

You will need your own land to build a house. You will have to buy land. Plots are generally evaluated by state agents, who calculate the cost of an expired home in a given home, and then the construction of the rabbit will be evaluated.

It should be noted that land is marketable and does not reflect its overall responsibility.

Building the path

The cost of a building depends on how you want to join your construction. Usually, you will participate a lot in that. There are four main building lanes for houses, the next is more expensive than the next.

  1. DIY

You are building a new house yourself. It saves 30 to 40% of your total cost, helps you and you need it. Buy yourself, directly from the merchant.

Although it is the cheapest, it requires a maximum of time and knowledge of the building.

  1. Manage with the sub-concert

You work directly with traders, traders and business owners. You buy more and more content yourself. You may need some DIY pieces.

  1. Main contractor with sub-connectors

You have engaged a major contractor or package supplier to create a water-cooling structure for your home. You then work for the subcontractors to do the rest. You buy all the goods yourself.

  1. Main contractor

You employ a key contractor who cares about everything. This requires at least participants.

The quality

The quality of the property is an important thing to think about the costs of building a house. More luxury, the maximum cost.

Standard: This is one of the most basic building standards proposed by developers.


The walls of the cavity will face bricks, insulation and blocks of 100 mm

Intermediate cooling concrete tiles

Pair of standard softwood

Distribution of the study

Standard kitchen

Basic accessories for the bathroom

Central heating radiator

Casual: This is the standard quality offered by high quality developers.