Sound Proofing Floors

We have tested everything – high noise comes from a street, a neighbor or a party when you want it, there are some minutes of peace. If this becomes an ongoing problem, however, you must act and that means that steps are being taken to make your voice heard at home.

Although you can rent professionally, voice transmission can be a relatively easy DIY project, especially if you have to take care of the floor. Otherwise, if you feel at least difficult to work, you should visit a website such as Quotatis, which can help you find entrepreneurs in your area.

Why do you want to talk?

To avoid unlimited wood floors, your floor may be the best way to reduce the amount of noise in your home. If you live in a flat block, this is particularly advantageous because you can slow down below the neighbors.

You can also install a bedroom in your home so that when children do not watch TV, you have a comfortable place to stay comfortable. On the other hand, you may be a drama friend or a musician. Do you want to express your home for the good of your loved ones and your neighbors?

In any case, it may be wise to prevent a floor from reducing noise or traffic flow in your home.

The voice on the current floor

If you do not really want to get your flooring panel, then you can add the insulation layer on top, although you have to remember that the result of your flooring will increase. One of the most cost-effective strategies for this procedure is to use SBX cards.

They block the air and the impact noises and also improve the sound of a room. They are also very easy to install and you separate the precut cuts together, covering the entire surface with tile, carpet or lambaste.

Unlike concrete or rubber panels, SBX panels have a loose cover that is illegal. This means that the voice cannot easily move directly into the content. In the UK, the average size of a room is 16 m². It will cost you about 689 pounds. One room is completely soundproofed. The distance between the two floors must be sealed.

It’s solid under the current floorboards

If you want to include acoustic insulation at the bottom of your floor, you must first speak. Despite the work, this can take time and effort, which allows soundproofing an acoustic membrane and reducing the aerial noise of the aerial wool.

Once again in place, the original floor bags will provide some of their unique features. If you can only work under the ground, this system is ideal and relatively easy to install. And if you really want to get good results, you can apply two levels of membrane: one at the bottom and one at the floor.

About 16m², the price will be around $ 410. It takes a layer of membrane, acoustic wool and any difference to seal.

Limited Soundproofing

In recent years, unlimited soil has become so popular. Modern products look better than ever and you can easily get the effect of wood on the tiled floor. However, when it comes to preventing the sound, it must be smaller. Therefore, if you want to reduce the noise level, you will need to deposit metal rubber.

One such product is the Isotonic Mat that can be installed easily and cost-effectively under the Lamatate floor. It can be used to reduce the effects of concrete and also to reduce the floor of the engineer floor to create a floating floor with minimal effects.

Made from recycled rubber, Assonet is soft, thick and easy to cut. As a result, it does not produce a sponge effect. Acoustic membranes can also be combined with the rubber tip to increase sound prevention.